We are using the NavLight electronic punching system. Each team will be given two "Tags" which can be worn like a wristwatch.

Before the start, at the Briefing, you must have your TAGs  ACTIVATED by inserting the Start Punch.

At each checkpoint the “Punch” must be inserted into the wrist Tags to record your visit. When punching is completed (about 1 second) a red light flashes.  If you don’t see a light flash it is OK to repeat the punching. If after repeated attempts you still haven't seen any red lights you should record the three letter code on the inside of the punch. Both team tags must be punched at EVERY control.

There will be a test TAG SYSTEM at registration. Please take time to become familiar with the punching and the small flashing light.

At the finish line you must insert the Finishing punch to register your finish time. Then join the queue to have your Tags removed and have your controls and times recorded. Your Tag is valuable so please don’t lose it.

Note that with the NavLight system you have to remember which controls you have visited. It could be possible to become confused and visit the same control twice.

Please make sure that when the Tag is attached to your wrist it is not too tight, especially as your wrist is likely to swell during the event. We recommend two-finger spacing under the strap.

On the course it is vital that you do not tamper or play with the punches.